12 Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

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Unusual may be putting it nicely, but hey, most of us probably have some odd things we like doing, so even though they’re rich and famous, we’ll cut them a little slack this time.

As you’ll see, some A-listers enjoy some pretty unique activities when they aren’t busy making movies or hit records. The next time you start feeling like one of your hobbies is a bit strange, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and maybe you’re not actually as weird as you might think!

1. Johnny Depp

A long-time favorite with the ladies, it may come as a surprise to some fans to learn that the swash buckling Capt. Jack Sparrow also enjoys embracing his feminine side. Depp, a major league star who does not appear to worry all that much about what people think of him, enjoys playing with dolls. When Depp’s kids were younger, he discovered that playing with dolls isn’t just for little girls. A guy like Depp is probably not at risk of alienating female fans with that revelation, in fact, they will probably love him even more because of it! Depp also likes collecting pig skeletons for reasons that we don’t understand, but more power to him.

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