10 Bizarre Crimes For The Record Books

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Most of us are probably guilty of committing a crime of some sort at one time or another. Perhaps we edged up a few miles over the speed limit on the freeway or downloaded a movie from a file-sharing website but these offenses pale in comparison to some of the hair-brained schemes that were contrived by our stars of the day.

1. Man Kidnaps Girlfriend to Marry Her

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When we think of a couple eloping, it’s often a romantic notion that evokes images of a couple so in love that they have to run away to get married in order to overcome objections of relatives or simply because they’re so into each other that they cannot wait through all the planning involved in a traditional wedding. A 22-year-old man from Washington state may have had romantic intentions when he ran off with his girlfriend to get married but he went about things the wrong way when he decided to kidnap her. With their two-year-old daughter in tow, they set off for – where else? – Las Vegas, to tie the knot. The only minor problem was that the man’s girlfriend wasn’t quite ready to take that step. She made a break for it when they stopped for gas and created a scene which prompted someone to call 9-1-1. The man faces up to five years in prison for the kidnapping and the potential for even more time for a slew of other crimes the cops charged him with.

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