10 Crazy Cases of Police Misconduct

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Police and other law enforcement officials are often held to a higher standard when it comes to criminal activity. It’s reasonable for the public to expect police to refrain from breaking the law, but unfortunately, like every other profession, there are a few bad cops that can make the good ones look bad. Not surprisingly, when a cop breaks the law, it’s likely to attract more attention from the media compared to crimes committed by others. Here are a few of the craziest cases of cops getting caught committing crimes.

1. Police Chief in Stalking Scandal

It’s bad enough when rank-and-file cops get themselves in hot water for bad behavior, but when a police chief gets caught doing something illegal, it is even more shocking, since they are supposed to be the ones keeping the rest of the cops on the straight-and-narrow! The police chief in question resigned after his ex-girlfriend said he was stalking her. There’s no mention of criminal charges or an admission of guilt on the chief’s part, but his resignation looks like a pretty good indicator of what really happened.

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