12 Crazy Methods Criminals Use to Steal Your Identity

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2. Phishing Expeditions

This activity doesn’t involve a container of worms and a fishing pole. This type of “phishing” most commonly uses e-mail messages sent out in order to lure people into visiting harmful websites or placing malicious software on their computers. New phishing techniques are being developed constantly so it’s nearly impossible to list them all. As a general rule, be very cautious of any e-mail messages you receive that claim to be from your bank or any other company you may have a relationship with. Cyber criminals create fake websites that may look exactly like one operated by a bank or other business which they direct people to in order to capture their username and password information. Never open or run any file attachments that arrive with e-mail messages unless you know for certain it is from a trusted sender. Sending malware is a very common way to infect computers which allow digital degenerates to remotely access and control compromised computers through the internet.

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