8 Crazy Ways You Can Be Hacked

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Our increasing reliance on technology makes a lot of very cool things possible, but also comes with new risks that were unheard of in the days before so many things went “digital.” Obviously, doing away with technology is not the answer. The answer is making technology harder for criminals to exploit. Since that often means things will cost more and add to development time, many companies that make all this cool technology don’t have a lot of incentive to make it as secure as possible. It usually takes some kind of well-publicized hack or “data breach” to get them to pull their previously ankle-draped pants back up and put a belt on. How many ways can you be hacked? You might be surprised (and a bit shocked) to find out.

1. ATM Machines

Did you know that millions of ATM machines run Windows XP? Yes, the same Microsoft operating system you used (or are still using) on your desktop PC or laptop is used to control ATM machines. Since Windows is probably the most targeted operating system in history due to it’s success, and the fact that Microsoft has officially dropped support for Windows XP, there are probably more than a few cyber crooks plotting how they can profit by finding previously unknown vulnerabilities in the software.

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