The 10 Most Bizarre Weapons Used to Commit Murder

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For the vast majority of us, the thought of taking another person’s life is completely out of the question. People who decide to commit murder probably appear quite abnormal to those of us who would never consider doing such a thing. There are certainly times where taking the life of another human being would be justified, such as in extreme cases of self-defense. Sometimes people commit murder as a result of their lack of ability to control their emotions, particularly anger. At other times, murders are carried out so that the murderer may somehow benefit from it. No matter the motive, it’s true that there are an almost countless number of ways to kill someone else. Here are some of the strangest objects that have ever been used to commit murder.

1. Xbox Gaming Console

During April of 2013, the body of a 20-year-old woman was found next to an Xbox 360 gaming console that was badly broken and bloodied. It was later determined that the woman’s boyfriend had used the Xbox to beat her. The boyfriend later claimed that his girlfriend “had control of his spirit” and that he decided to break the spell it was necessary to “sacrifice” someone who was born under the astrological sign Taurus. This does not explain his reason for killing her, since she as not born under that sign.

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