10 Deaths That Occurred in The Bathroom

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One thing none of us will be able to avoid is death. It may be upsetting to some to think about their own demise, but for those who do think about it, they might think about their preferred way to exit this life. Dying in your sleep seems like a pretty good way to go, and probably what a lot of people hope for. On the other hand, it’s probably safe to assume that most of us don’t want to check out while we are in the middle of something that could be embarrassing. Even though we are not likely to care if we do! Few people would probably pick the bathroom as the place they would choose to be when it all comes to an end. Unfortunately, most of us will not to get to choose where we are and what we are doing when we die, and some of us – like the following people – will indeed give up the ghost while using the bathroom.

1. King Wenceslaus III of Bohemia

While we may not expect that they actually had toilets back in 1306, they did in fact have an early version called a garderobe. It was while the king was sitting on the device when he was struck by an assassin’s spear and killed.

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