10 Guests That Died at Disneyland

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We think of Disneyland as a place where people (especially children) go to have a fun, care-free experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not possible, however, to create the kind of fantasy land Disney is famous for without involving a lot of technology and big machines that can be very dangerous. Disney does a good job of keeping visitors safe, but sometimes it’s hard to protect people from themselves. In some cases, safety mechanisms fail or are simply ignored by fun-seekers. That’s when fun at Disneyland can turn into a nightmare.

1. 1964, Matterhorn Bobsled

This was an unfortunate instance of someone who simply disregarded safety rules and ended up paying the ultimate price. Riding the Matterhorn Bobsled ride with a companion, a 15-year-old boy decided it would be fund to unbuckle his safety belt and stand up as the ride neared the top of the top of the mountain. Losing his balance, he fell from the car and landed on the track below, causing serious injuries which resulted in his death three days later.

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