10 Most Likely Ways The World Will End

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Generally speaking, it’s not a pleasant thing to think about your own death. Strangely, it may be slightly more comforting to think that we’ll all go together. Misery loves company, right? Various religious groups and cults have predicted the end of the world more times than you can imagine since man first walked the earth. While cult leaders and fire-and-brimstone preachers are likely to continue to come up with new dates for the end of the world, there are a number of realistic threats to our existence that we should probably be concerned about on some level. It’s not pleasant to think of our world coming to a violent end, but it is something that is definitely possible.

1. Black Hole


While astronomers and space scientists have done a pretty decent job of figuring out the various dangerous things that we share this universe with, they are a very long way from knowing everything. What they do know about black holes is that getting close to one of them could be all it takes to have the earth or even our entire solar system sucked right into it. Nobody really knows what happens next.

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