10 Unusual Methods of Execution

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The methods used for imposing a death sentence on a condemned individual have evolved significantly through history. With “lethal injection” being the standard employed most of the time these days in the United States, a condemned person today is certainly going to leave this world a lot more peacefully than they would have if they had lived a few hundred years ago. Some methods of execution that were used long ago were downright horrific, making one wonder how anyone could ever conceive of such a barbaric notion.

1. Iron Maiden

Today this is a name that is probably more likely to be associated with a rock band than with its original meaning. In 18th Century England, the iron maiden was a device that was used to torture or kill people. It was somewhat like a giant tanning bed although it was made of metal and was upright so the victim would be standing. It was also designed to leave a victim’s head exposed, perhaps so the executioners could delight in the screams of agony and facial expressions of the victim during their ordeal. The interior of the device usually had spikes or some other sharp objects in place that were intended to pierce the victim’s body. Opening and closing the door repeatedly with a person inside would usually resulted in death.

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