10 Weird Deaths of 2013

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1. Man Killed While Defecating on Train Tracks

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When most of us consider what we might be be doing during our final moments on this earth we might think that we’d like to pass on while we’re asleep or perhaps in the throes of a passionate love-making session. Few of us probably wish to go out in the inglorious position of squatting on the train tracks to empty our bowels. That’s exactly what happened to an unlucky fellow in New York City who decided to use the relative privacy of the space between two train cars as his private toilet. It’s not entirely clear how he found himself in the path of a moving train, since one assumes that he would have situated himself between two stationary train cars before positioning himself for what was evidently a few moments of much-needed relief. The news media failed to elaborate much beyond reporting how the man died and what he was doing in the seconds leading up to his death.

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