11 Poor Souls Buried Before Their Time

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Even if you’re someone who does not suffer from claustrophobia, an experience like the ones that follow would probably give you nightmares anyway. Imagine being buried alive in a coffin because everyone thought you were dead, but you really weren’t. It’s hard to imagine the panic and sheer terror that a person would experience under these circumstances. Fortunately, these events are almost unheard of today thanks to a much better understanding of the human body and techniques like embalming that guarantee horrific mistakes like that do not occur.

1. Limber as a Live Man

In 1885, a man from Flat Creek, North Carolina had been sick for some time and had finally passed on. At least, that’s what everyone thought. Despite the fact that the people who handled the body were perplexed by the fact that the man was as “limber as a live man,” they still assumed he was dead and he was placed in a wooden coffin and buried. Rumors soon started around town that a man had been buried alive. A short time later his casket was removed from the ground so that he could be relocated to a family burial ground in a neighboring county. Deciding that it might be best to inspect the body before transport, horrified onlookers were shocked to see that the man had turned over and was now laying on his stomach. In addition, much of his hair had been pulled from his head and there were scratch marks on the inside of the coffin where he had obviously tried in vain to escape from his tomb.

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