9 Reasons to Avoid Those Weird GMO Frankenfoods

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Corporate behemoths like Monsanto managed to keep the whole GMO (genetically-modified organisms) thing under wraps for quite some time before the public started to become aware of what they were up to. With recent news that Russia has decided to ban all GMO foods, it’s bound to call even more attention to this important topic. Many of the big food producers have basically been poisoning the food supply with GMO ingredients since the 1990’s. Now their lies are being exposed, and consumers are slowly beginning to realize that – just like so many other things – GMO’s are all about the money, and the matter of who gets sick and who dies is all secondary to the bottom line for companies like Monsanto and their corrupt partners in the food industry. Here are 9 good reasons to eliminate GMO foods from your diet.

1. Feeling Sick (yet)?

Another study that was published by the Institute for Responsible Technology found that genetically-modified foods may worsen the conditions of those who are already sensitive to gluten. Specifically, they may have an increased risk of suffering from impaired digestion, imbalanced gut bacteria, immune activation and allergic response, damage to the intestinal wall, and intestinal permeability. Is it any wonder that food allergies and autoimmune diseases seem to be on the increase?

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