Weird Science: Top 7 Potential Dangers of GMO Food

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Sometimes it seems like we, as human beings, are never satisfied with the way things are. I think most of us are all for the kinds of technological developments that brought us things like radio, television and the internet, but what about reinventing our food? Is it really necessary to start messing with the very genetic makeup of the food we eat? Fish genes in tomatoes? Genes from bacteria in corn? Yeah, it’s weird but that’s not the worst thing about it. What’s worse is that the effects these new “frankenfoods” have on people who eat them is not known. No real testing was done before these genetically modified foods were introduced into our food supply. Here are some of the potential dangers that are currently worrying a lot of people with regard to these GMO foods that food manufacturers have been putting on supermarket shelves since the 1990’s.

1. Allergens

In an effort to improve the nutritional value of soy beans, scientists inserted genes from brazil nuts into them. Ironically, their efforts to “improve” soy beans ended up creating a potential danger for people who are allergic to brazil nuts. The new genetically modified soybeans were tested on individuals who have brazil nut allergies and they reacted as they would have reacted to brazil nuts. As many people know, nut allergies can be very serious and reactions can be severe, in some cases even resulting in death.

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