10 of the World’s Weirdest Weddings

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While some couples insist on a “traditional” wedding with invitations, invited guests, reception, music, dancing and wedding cake, others may choose to elope or have a very private ceremony where only immediate family members are invited. While some of these less traditional ways of tying the knot might be considered a little out-of-the-ordinary by some, crossing the line into downright weird is best left to the experts.

1. Jumping Into Marriage


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It’s not unusual to hear references to God during a wedding ceremony and a couple in Belgium may have appeared as if they wanted to get a bit closer to the almighty for their wedding. Until the ceremony was over, that is. They had themselves hoisted 160 feet into the air by a crane along with 20 guests and their wedding band. It wasn’t until the ceremony ended that the reasons for their lofty nuptials were revealed. The happy couple bungee-jumped off of the platform to celebrate their new life together!

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