10 Predictions For The Future That Missed The Mark

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Those of us of a certain age may actually remember some of the crazy predictions from the past that just haven’t come to fruition and maybe never will. The infamous “flying car” is one that has been talked about for a long time, and even though there is a company that has conducted successful tests of its car/aircraft hybrid, don’t expect to see them filling the skies anytime in the near future. Some of the predictions from the past are downright laughable as we look back on them now and wish that we had some of the crazy things those would-be fortune tellers said we would have, or perhaps feel glad that some of the gloom-and-doom predictions of the past have not been realized.

1. Shipping

A 1967 story from U.S. News & World Reports proclaimed that, “By the end of the century, freight will be shot across the continent by missiles in a matter of minutes.” If your average Joe sees a rocket sprinting across the sky these days, the last thing he would probably expect would be that it is carrying the latest shipment of smartphones from China. Last time we checked, ports like Long Beach, New York and Seattle were still offloading a whole lot of stuff from those old slow-moving ships that crisscross the world’s oceans.

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