9 of The Most Bizarre Military Experiments In History

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Unfortunately, human beings have become quite good at annihilating one another and the methods just keep getting more and more creative and sophisticated with each passing year. As you might expect, it takes a bit of effort and a lot of experimentation to come up with new ways to defeat your opponent, and a lot of strange ideas make their way to the laboratory for testing. Sometimes these ideas turn out to be quite ingenious while other ideas sound more like they came from the script of a comedy movie. While some of the following experiments may have succeeded and some may have failed, the one thing they all have in common is that they are quite bizarre.

1. Acoustic Kitty

What’s less suspicious than a cute, cuddly little kitty, right? That must be what the CIA thought when they came up with the idea to implant listening devices in cats. Unfortunately, the first cat that was used for this experiment was run over by a taxi.

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