10 Signs That You May Be Living With A Ghost

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Die hard skeptics will always say that believing in ghosts is nonsense, which is a great testament to their narrow-mindedness. A sufficient number of weird happenings have been experienced by a sufficient number of people to reasonably conclude that there are forces around us that we don’t fully understand. Whether they are ghosts, demons, angels, poltergeists, or interdimensional beings we have no idea, but denying that there are intelligent beings beyond what we see here in our physical world is simply a head-in-the-sand approach to the subject. Houses that are said to be haunted are not uncommon. Have you ever wondered if your house might be haunted? These 10 signs may be a good indication.

1. Random Sounds

It’s safe to say that just about everyone has experienced unexplained sounds. Perhaps it was simply something falling off a table in another room, or a strange-sounding animal outside in the dead of night, but there are also cases where unexplained noises become a genuine concern. The sound of footsteps, voices, knocking, doors opening and closing could all be signs that you and any human companions living in your home may not be the only ones who like to hang out there. Random are usually not cause for concern, but if you have “something” in your home trying to make itself known, you’re likely to become acutely aware that you are dealing with something beyond what most of us consider “normal.”

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