A Slip in Time: 6 Bizarre Unexplained Events

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A good many people are very quick to dismiss anything that relates to the paranormal. Aliens, ghosts, demons and numerous other things we don’t fully understand. What a lot of them may not realize is that real science is starting to show that the universe we live in is indeed stranger than we may have ever imagined. Time, which is something that’s been studied and pondered about a great deal, may not be what we think it is. Quantum physics is revealing things that are truly mind blowing, among them the theory that time is simply an illusion. Being more open-minded about the possibilities of our universe being a lot weirder than we ever imagined makes accepting various accounts of alleged events like “time slips” more palatable. Read and decide for yourself.

1. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

In 1971 two men in Oklahoma were working for a livestock feed company when they were sent out to pick up a feed dispenser. They were a bit surprised to arrive at the location to find an area that had been largely overgrown. They also discovered that the feed dispenser was still half-full and was too heavy to be moved. Before they left, they noticed a large, white house that was sitting on a hill nearby that appeared to be abandoned. When they returned to retrieve the now-empty dispenser the next night they decided to check out the white house a little more closely. To their surprise, the house was gone, leaving no trace of debris or recent activity in the area. Was it possible that they had somehow slipped back or forward in time during their first visit to the property?

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