10 Most Bizarre Creatures From The Depths of the Ocean

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Not all fish are created equal. Some of them are downright freaky-looking, like something out of a horror movie. Perhaps we’re fortunate that most of the really scary-looking critters lurk in the deepest depths of the ocean and probably aren’t brought to the surface all that often on the end of an unsuspecting fisherman’s hook. Knowing that creatures like this exist on our planet surely makes many of us wonder what other kinds of weird sea creatures might be out there that we have not yet discovered. Take a peek at some of the weirdest life forms of life our oceans have to offer.

1. Frilled Shark

Now there’s two words that you wouldn’t expect to find together! Most of us probably don’t think of frilly things when we hear the word shark. Well, this shark, that actually looks more like an eel, probably isn’t bothered much by some sissified name we humans impose on it. This critter was thought to be extinct but when one was found along a shoreline in 2007, that theory promptly got thrown out the window.

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