10 Weird Facts About Elephants

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Among wild animals, the elephant is one of the most recognizable. After all, considering its size and the fact that it has that big, long trunk attached to it’s head, it’s hard not to notice an elephant! For most people, the closest they ever get to an elephant is at the zoo or perhaps the circus. Elephants have been used as major attractions for many years and they are also used as work animals in some countries. Elephants are the largest land animal currently living on planet Earth and the largest one ever known stood 13 feet tall and weighed 13.5 tons! Other than size, there are other weird and amazing things about elephants that you may not have heard about.

1. A Long Process


Let’s start at the beginning with the creation of an elephant. Believe it or not, the typical gestation period for an elephant is 22 months! That’s almost two years, and is more than twice as long as the normal 9-month gestation period for we humans. Elephants usually give birth to just one offspring at a time.

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