10 Weird Facts About Squirrels

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If there’s one thing you cannot say about squirrels, it’s that they are rare. They can be found all over across the globe with the exception of Antarctica and Australia. There are 285 species of squirrels, but for our purposes we are going to focus on one of the most common species in North America, the Eastern Gray Squirrel. These agile rodents are abundant in many areas of North America where they can be seen scrambling up and down trees as easily as we walk on the ground. Squirrels may be common in many places, but there are probably a few things about them that you do not know. Let’s explore some lesser-known and unusual facts about squirrels.

1. Big Appetite


A squirrel can the equivalent of its own body weight in about a week’s time. Put that in perspective by imagining how much you would have to eat if you were to eat enough food to match your weight in just a week!

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