11 Weird and Creepy Bug Facts

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For just about every human being on earth, bugs are a part of life. It might be a spider sneaking in under a door to set up shop in your house, a colony of ants invading your kitchen, or any number of other infestations – some more disgusting than others. With so many bugs sharing the planet with us, they are pretty much impossible to ignore. On the other hand, some people love bugs, and take up a life-long study of them. These people are usually called entomologists, although lots of other people probably just refer to them as crazy. As the old saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed,” so even if you are a bug-hater, some of these facts might be useful in helping you avoid them.

1. Mobile Germ Lab

The cockroach, probably one of the most-hated insects on the planet, can harbor more than 40 pathogens that are a danger to humans. They include delightful things like typhoid, pneumonia, and hepatitis. Now there’s a bug that even most entomologists should stay clear of!

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