10 Reasons The Sunshine State Is Sometimes Called Flori-DUH

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The State of Florida seems to have earned itself a special — if not enviable — reputation among the 50 states that make up the United States as a place where a lot of stupid people live. There’s probably a perfectly good explanation for this, which probably has a lot to do with people from many other states flocking to a place where frigid weather and snowstorms are not the norm. We don’t have statics handy, but we suspect a very significant percentage of the population in Florida is not made up of people who were born and raised there. Whether they are Florida natives or not, you may enjoy the antics of the following people who help maintain Florida’s reputation as a state with more than their fair share of “unique” individuals.

1. Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

This is the case of a guy we’ll call Phillip, mainly because that’s actually his name. Pasco County Deputies we’re summoned to Phillip’s house after the report of a domestic disturbance. His girlfriend told the deputies that he had hit her with a banana during an argument. Phillip denied this and blamed his girlfriend for throwing the banana at him. A little redness on the girlfriend’s face and some banana remnants in the trash were enough to convince the intrepid law enforcement officers that Phillip was indeed the aggressor, and was the one who actually launched the deadly projectile. As a result, Phillip was hauled off to jail.

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