10 Strange College Courses That Have Actually Been Offered

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To some extent, people probably expect some number of weird things to happen at colleges and universities. These institutions of higher learning have a long history of being on the cutting edge of scientific and societal change, so they are often quite open to new ideas that have not quite gone mainstream. In order to fuel new innovations and spark students’ desire to learn, colleges sometimes venture to the weird side, and those episodes do not go unnoticed, especially by parents who might be paying thousands of dollars for their son or daughter’s education. These strange-sounding courses may be representative of cases where some institutions have wandered a little too far to the weird side.

1. Invented Languages: Klingon And Beyond


So you thought that Klingon and other fictional languages are made up solely of a few contrived phrases here and there to satisfy the requirements of a particular script? Think again! Klingon, both the name of and the language of a fictional race of aliens on Star Trek is actually a somewhat complete language that was obviously developed by people with too much time on their hands. This course has been offered at the University of Texas in Austin.

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