10 of The World’s Strangest Collections

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Many people enjoy collecting things and we’ve all heard of people that love to go out and search for comic books, antiques, baseball cards or any number of other things they have taken a liking to. There are also a great many people that like to collect things that are outside the mainstream. Sometimes they are things that most people would not even want to see, let alone collect. Here are some very unusual collections for your consideration.

1. Bellybutton Lint

Didn’t we tell you this could get a little unusual? Well, Graham Barker’s collection of bellybutton lint certainly fits the bill. He got the idea (we’re not sure how that could even happen) to begin collecting bellybutton lint in 1984 and managed to fill three jars with the fuzzy material. Believe it or not, a museum purchased his collection and he started again from scratch. There was no word on how much the museum paid for the collection, but perhaps old Graham is craftier than we thought.

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