10 Unusual Reasons You May Want to Call in Sick

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Some of the luckiest people in the world are people who love their jobs. The not-so-lucky folks in the workforce may have toiled away tirelessly at jobs they could barely stand, making it a challenge just to get up and go to work every day. There are a lot of reasons to call in sick and escape the grind for a day. Much of the time, people do it because they just don’t feel like working that day. At other times, it is done in order to do something else, like go to a sporting event or to just spend some leisure time at home. We’re sure people have more than an adequate number of reasons for taking a day off, but we thought we’d add a few more to the list. Far be it from us to want to negatively impact the world economy (we’ll leave that to the bankers and politicians) but someone has to stand up for the little guy once in a while.

1. Dangerous Desks

The average office desk has about 400 times the amount of bacteria residing on it than the average toilet seat does. This sounds a bit ridiculous at first, but when you realize how many things come into contact with a desk that have been in contact with an astounding number of other things, you begin to see the big picture. Also consider that the average toilet is probably cleaned on a pretty regular basis which is not something that can be said for most desks. Our conclusion is that going to work could make you sick!

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