9 Stupid or Annoying Things People Do With Their Smartphones

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Sometimes it seems as if the smartphone is smarter than some of the people that carry them. To say that we, as a society, have come to rely too much on technology would be an understatement. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not luddites, heck, we have our own website, see? However, it’s gotten to the point where people literally have anxiety if they cannot communicate via their smartphone. Yes, we’ve seen it in real life. Smartphones are amazing, there’s no doubt, and we’re not calling for a ban or anything silly like that. Just a little more common sense combined with a dash of common courtesy would do us all a whole lot of good.

1. Duck-face Selfies

Yes, we all know that there are plenty of women (and men!) who love to admire themselves in the mirror. It used to be a harmless pastime but now that everyone and their dog has a smartphone, the internet has become overpopulated with a sufficient quantity of self-absorbed selfies to sink a battleship. And yes, we know those digital photos are made up of little, tiny, virtually weightless electrons.

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