8 Unusual Pet Choices

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While picking out a pet sounds like it would be an easy thing to do, the choice could be considered more of a challenge thanks to the expanded choices people are presented with these days. There’s no doubt that dog and cats still make up the majority when it comes to household pets, but we’ve seen a number of newcomers come on the scene in recent decades. Pets like pot-bellied pigs, snakes, lizards and even tarantulas have been gaining in popularity. If those aren’t outside-the-box enough to suit your tastes, you can put a little more effort into selecting a pet that few, if any, of your friends have ever even heard of. Try some of these on for size.

1. Miniature Donkey


Miniatures are definitely something that have become more popular through the years, and it’s surprising to discover how many miniature animals there are available for those seeking pets. Miniature donkeys are usually very good natured and make great pets. What makes them a bit “high maintenance” is that they cannot stand to be alone, making it impractical and not-so-nice to have just one. Just like typical donkeys they will need plenty of room to roam about, so they are best suited to farms or other places that have large fenced-in areas.

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