11 Unexpected Uses For Your Cell Phone

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We are living in an age where many people seldom go anywhere without taking their cell phone with them. They have become so integrated in our daily lives that it seems like it would be hard to get along without them. In addition to making phone calls, texting, taking pictures, surfing the web or playing games, mobile phones have many other uses as well. An amazing array of apps allow a phone to be much more than a communications device or camera. There is a lot of fluff out there among apps, but there are also amazingly useful apps that allow you to do things with your phone that you never thought possible.

1.  Guitar Tuning

There was a time when electronic tuning devices for guitars and other stringed instruments were prohibitively expensive. These days, all you need to do is download the right app for your phone and you can enjoy pitch-perfect tuning assistance, as well as other features like chord identification and instruction.

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