10 Disastrous Scenarios That Could End Life as We Know It

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The majority of human beings seem to blissfully go about their daily lives as if nothing bad could ever happen to us. That’s not a criticism, in fact, we’re probably better off that way since the alternative might be running around shouting that the sky is falling. The majority of us probably keep thoughts of apocalyptic doom in the backs of minds – we know it’s a possibility, but if it happens it happens and we’re most likely powerless to stop it anyway. Books and television programs have delved into the details of potential mass disasters that could strike our little blue planet and here are a few that seem to concern scientists and experts the most.

1. Asteroid Impact

This may be the granddaddy of them all. Depending on the size of the asteroid, it could obliterate life on this planet entirely. Even those who did not die immediately from the direct effect of the impact would likely freeze or starve to death due to crop failure and lack of sunshine. A massive asteroid strike would probably stir up enough dust in the atmosphere to block out the sun for months of even longer which would decrease the global temperature significantly.


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