Our world is full of oddities that defy explanation. UFOs, ghosts, big foot and a plethora of other mysterious subjects fascinate us because they cannot simply be explained away using conventional science and empirical evidence. Just as early humans were unable to understand what made the sun rise and set or what caused a meteor shower, we’re still unable to explain much of what goes on around us.

It’s easy for hard-core skeptics to dismiss strange phenomena as “swamp gas” or “hallucinations,” despite the many credible witnesses that have reported things that just don’t fit neatly within the scientifically-proven and well-established paradigm. Eventually, we believe that humankind will begin to realize that much of what we considered impossible is indeed possible and very real.

Since we’re fascinated by these oddities ourselves, we’re constantly on the lookout for the kinds of news and events that make us all wonder how much we really don’t know.  We’ll share those stories here and hope that you are as intrigued by them as we are.


Odd or what? That, presumably, is a matter of opinion, but despite your thoughts regarding what's found here, you know you just have to look! We scour the web looking for things that make you question your own version of reality and present them here for your perusal.