5 Signs The People Have Had Enough

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It’s happening all over the world. People are tired of being pushed around and it’s starting to show. Government, in general, always wants to grow and exercise more control. It seems as if government’s appetite for control is insatiable. Those pulling the strings in high places may not be aware that they are edging dangerously close to a serious backlash, but recent events suggest that is indeed the case. The following events were extraordinary demonstrations of the frustration people are feeling with being “over-governed,” or governed by corrupt politicians who care little about the plight of the citizens they are supposed to serve.

1. Enraged Mob Beats Chinese Police

In a story that appears to be ignored by the mainstream media in the U.S., four or five Chinese police were beat severely and possibly killed by an angry mob of citizens. As always, news out of China is often hard to verify and conflicting, but numerous accounts of the story have surfaced, accompanied by pictures of the aftermath. The Chengguan are known throughout China as a kind of local quasi-police force who enforce regulations such as building codes and those for vendors. They are reported to be one of the most hated groups in China, and have a reputation for brutality. Reports from Wenzhou city detail an incident where Chengguan allegedly attacked a man who was filming them as they brutalized a female street vendor. The man was reportedly beat so severely that he began to vomit blood. That is when the crowd began to gather and attack the Chengguan in their van as they attempted to leave. Some reports indicate that the Chengguan were beat unconscious while others say they were beat to death.

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