10 Celebrity Encounters with Ghosts

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Ghost stories are not something that are in short supply these days. Many people have had weird, unexplained experiences, and it’s easy to be skeptical about them. It may not be as easy to dismiss the same kinds of stories when they are coming from celebrities. Why? Well, for one thing, they are not seeking fame and fortune by way of their story; they already have that. There’s also the risk that they could be labeled a kook, especially for those who told their stories decades ago when the public wasn’t as open-minded about the paranormal. For a celebrity, saying that they have had an experience with something unexplained seems to carry more potential risks than it does rewards. That’s what makes stories of bizarre events as told by celebrities more interesting.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

The late actress and model reported that she once had an intimate encounter with a ghost in her own bed. Believing at first that she was getting some attention from her then-boyfriend, Smith soon realized she was dealing with something far kinkier than her mortal companion. Although most people might be terrified at such a prospect, Smith reported that it was actually a very satisfying experience. We wonder if she has since had the opportunity to meet her ghostly admirer on the other side.

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