9 Celebrities That Died on The Job

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It’s easy to forget that performing can sometimes be a very dangerous profession. Although some performance artists are obviously taking big risks, like extreme magicians or escape artists, even movie actors sometimes face serious danger on the job. Making movies often involves the use of props and equipment that can be very dangerous. Action movies depend on being able to use fire, explosions and car chases to draw fans to the box office. It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence but once in a while, a celebrity finds his or herself in harms way and it does not always end well.

1. Chung Ling-Soo

Also known as William Ellsworth Robinson, the 56-year-old magician was famous in the late 19th and early 20th century. While on tour in Europe, a London performance went tragically wrong on March 24, 1918. His most famous trick involved catching bullets in mid-air with his hands. One of the guns used during the trick had enough built-up and unburned gunpowder in it to send a bullet towards him with much greater force than usual, striking him in the chest. He died in the hospital the next day at the age of 56.

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