10 Bizarre Scams to Watch Out For

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Scams are certainly nothing new. It seems likely that scams have been around as long as we humans have. What changes, of course, are the methods. Modern technology made the scam artist’s job a lot easier, since he or she didn’t even have to leave the house thanks to the Postal Service, telephone, and of course, the internet. Most of us have probably been targeted for one type of scam or another, whether it be by way of a telephone call, an e-mail message or someone coming to your door trying to pull off a classic old school scam. These scams have been used successfully in the past and will probably continue to be used by scam artists until they no longer pay off.

1. E-mail “419” Scams

It may be safe to assume that nearly everyone with an e-mail address has been on the receiving end of an scam e-mail message. For whatever reason, the African nation of Nigeria appears to be ground zero for these kinds of scams, at least when they first started showing up. It is said that “419” is the section of the Nigerian penal code that deals with these kinds of offenses. The scam usually involves a very extraordinary tale about someone who has come into a lot of money through an inheritance or some other means. They offer to share a portion of the money with the e-mail recipient if they agree to assist them in some way, oftentimes it involves helping them get the money out of whatever country they claim to be in. Eventually they get around to asking for personal information like names and bank account numbers, which is used to siphon money from the victim’s bank account. There are many variations on this scam and it would be impossible to list them all.

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