10 Strangely Filling Diet-friendly Foods

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Dieting is tough, no doubt about it. While some people seem to be able to stick to a diet and melt away the pounds successfully, others are lucky if they can make it through an entire day without cheating. Hunger is one of the dieters worst enemies, especially when you have to go from eating your fill of whatever you want to calorie counting, adding up “points” or downsizing portions significantly. One way to help beat hunger is to find foods that are filling. Most of the time that celery stick just isn’t going to cut it when hunger starts sneaking up on you. These 10 foods will help keep hunger at bay, making it easier to stay on a diet.

1. Apples

Keeping the doctor away, as the old saying goes, is not the only benefit apples have to offer. The key ingredient in apples that helps you feel full and slows digestion is pectin, and apples are one of only a few fruits that have it. An apple, even though it is very low in calories, takes a while to eat which gives your body more time to deliver the message to your brain that you are no longer hungry. Apples are a great way to avoid feeling deprived since you can get away with eating a few of them and pay a low price in calories.

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