8 Bizarre Diets You Probably Should Not Try

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Is there no depth that the word’s charlatans won’t stoop to in order to make a buck? Given some of the bizarre and dangerous diets that have been promoted down through the ages, the answer appears to be: Apparently not. Here’s a look at 8 of the most bizarre diets ever unleashed on the public. Whether they are truly dangerous or not is probably a question best answered by a doctor, but let’s face it, some of these are just nuts!

1. The Cotton Ball Diet

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This first one makes one wonder whether or not the greatest potential hazard is what it does to the digestive system or the possibility of choking to death while trying to down one of these fluff balls. The idea is pretty simple: Eat a bunch of cotton balls which have approximately zero calories and still feel full. Since cotton balls don’t seem like they would be the most digestible substance found here on planet earth, it’s difficult to imagine how smoothly they pass through. The only benefit other that weight loss that comes to mind is that perhaps it makes bathroom visits a little more tolerable where the air quality is concerned.

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