10 More Sickening Things to Gross You Out

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It’s a good thing human beings don’t have microscopic vision because most of us would probably end up in a perpetual state of panic. If we could see all the germs, bacteria and viruses that we come in contact with constantly, it could be very unsettling! Since we can’t see many of the gross things that would otherwise freak us out, we thought we’d tell you about some of them – and maybe a few things that we can see as well. We know, we know, you’re welcome. Enjoy (or not) this look at yet more disgusting things that we pretty much all have to deal with on a daily basis.

1. Listen To Your Mother!

The number of germs on your hands are doubled by the simple act of using the bathroom. It is estimated that around half of men and a quarter of women do not wash their hands when they finish using the bathroom. That means they are potentially spreading traces of fecal matter on things they touch – things that you may also touch, like a door handle, an elevator button, a pen or pencil, money, and about a million other things. That’s why it makes sense to listen to mom’s advice and wash your hands thoroughly before you eat!

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