10 of The Weirdest Birds In The World

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It’s probably a safe assumption that the vast majority of us see birds on a daily basis, except if you are locked away in a windowless building or something. Birds are everywhere, and obviously the ability of most of them to fly really helps them go just about anywhere they want. Birds are even found in Antarctica where penguins are abundant. While the sight of the occasional pigeon or sparrow doesn’t really draw all that much attention, the birds on this list might cause you to do a double-take if one of them crossed your path.

1. Long Wattled Umbrellabird


While the long wattle that this species sports looks like it might make life a bit of a hassle, this resident of the forests around Colombia and Ecuador seems to get around just fine. That wattle – which can be nearly 14 inches long is inflatable and is used during the courtship ritual.

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