10 Weird Mass Animal Deaths

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As humans we pride ourselves on being able to figure things out. Through the centuries we’ve gained a much better understanding of how our planet functions. We’re also endlessly fascinated by the other creatures that share earth with us. There is a tremendous diversity of life on this planet, and it seems like we may never fully understand all of it, even if we lived for a million years. Events like the deaths of large numbers of animals are often baffling to scientists and other experts, and although many of them are eventually figured out, some of them remain a mystery.

1. Frogs at War, USA

This event dates back before the the United States was even considered a country. In the summer of 1754, residents in Connecticut heard a loud commotion in the area and believed it was somehow related to the French and Indian war that was raging at the time. This caused a number of them to open fire in a futile effort to defeat a nonexistent enemy. It was later discovered that some type of epic war between frogs had taken place, and the bodies of hundreds or thousands (accounts differ) of the dead amphibians littered the area. The cause was not determined, but some speculated that the frogs had been engaged in a territorial dispute over the last puddles remaining in a drought-stricken pond. How, we wonder, do frogs even kill each other?

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