12 Amazing Things You May Not Know About Dogs

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Man’s best friend. Obviously, there are probably a lot of cat lovers out there who don’t buy that, but it’s a title that seems to have stuck pretty well through the years, so when it comes to being a friend, dogs are the clear winners. Dogs demonstrate loyalty that most cats are not capable of. While cats seem to be more sophisticated (and perhaps they are), dogs seem decidedly less taken with themselves. They’ll roll over, fetch things, sit when they are told and do just about anything we humans can think of to teach them. Cats? Not so much. While many things about dogs are obvious to most of us, check out these facts about dogs and see if you learn something new.

1. Smile!

Puppies have a total of 28 teeth, but by the time a dog reaches adulthood, they have added significantly to their pearly arsenal and sport a total of 42 teeth. That’s ten more than we humans have.

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