8 Random and Weird Discoveries on Our Planet

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Human beings have learned a tremendous amount about planet Earth since we got here and believe it or not, new discoveries are still being made that amaze and baffle scientists. Once we think we have seen it all, something new comes along that proves we were wrong. These amazing discoveries make us wonder what other incredible things we still have to learn about our planet.

1. Fantastic Voyage

A species of snail found in Japan called Tornatellides boeningi (say that three times fast!) can pass through the digestive system of a bird unharmed. Although not every one is that lucky, an experiment conducted  by So Shinichiro Wada, a graduate student at Tohoku University, found that roughly 15 percent of snails that were fed to captive birds emerged unscathed. Scientists are not sure exactly what mechinism allows the snails to pass through the hostile environment of a bird’s digestive tract but they suspect the snail’s ability to seal itself in its shell with a mucus-like film called the epiphragm may be the key.

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