8 Weird Weather Events

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Lately it seems like weird weather may becoming our new normal. Much of the United States is experiencing colder-than-normal temperatures and winter storms that reach into the deep south where severe cold and snow are a rarity. The British Isles are currently being threatened by a third powerful storm that is expected to bring winds of up to 80 miles per hour and torrential rains that may worsen flooding that has already turned roads into rivers in some areas. Although what many of us are currently experiencing could be considered extreme, we should not forget that this is not the first time mother nature has thrown some seriously weird weather at us.

1. Rain In Living Color

Complaining about a rainy day certainly isn’t unusual but what if the ran falling from the sky looked like blood? During 2001 in the Kerala region of India the rain came down in various colors for at least a month. Although it was the red rain that seemed to generate the most attention due to its resemblance to blood, there were also reports of green, yellow and even black rain. It was eventually determined that the colored rain was a result of a water spout that pulled spores from algae up into the atmosphere which was then deposited in the rain.

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