Holy Cheesecake?

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No, it’s not one of Batman’s or Robin’s favorite sayings, it’s actually what one Arizona family thought when they saw their Christmas cheesecake once it had cooled a while after it had been removed from the oven.

The family, whose name has not been released, decided to make themselves a cheesecake for Christmas and were surprised to see that a crack had formed in the top of the dessert in the shape of a crucifix. The cake, pictured in an Arizona newspaper, does not seem as remarkable as the holiday bakers appear to think at first glance. As well as a second or third glance. I think you know where we’re coming from.

Frankly, it looks like a pretty ordinary crack that one would expect to see on the top of your standard-issue cheesecake. Sure, it’s cracked in two places and kind of resembles a crucifix, but I think the family’s plan to sell it and donate the proceeds to charity might be met with disappointment. Admittedly, that may be too hasty a conclusion. There is the famous story of the “Virgin Mary toast” to consider, which was sold for a whopping $28,000 on the auction site eBay back in 2004.

We’re a bit puzzled about the reasons that a divine entity would have to finger paint on a slice of toast or crack a cheesecake in order to make it look like a crucifix. It seems like beings with that kind of ability would be spending their time on more important things.

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