10 of the Most Common Animal Phobias

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People can get weird when it comes to some of the other living creatures that we share this planet with. While some people can’t seem to get enough of spiders or snakes, others are deathly afraid of them, and will go to extreme measures to keep their distance. Most of these phobias seem to be something that people are simply born with and despite what modern medicine says about why they occur, it’s more likely that they have no idea why some people are afraid of snakes and others love them. Below are the 10 most common animal-related phobias.

1. Spiders

No surprise here, really. Most of us probably know more than one person who just cannot stand the sight of a spider. I think most of us will agree that spiders are pretty creepy-looking creatures regardless of whether we are actually afraid of them. Let’s face it, by human standards, those things are just plain ugly.

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