10 Strange Pregnancy Traditions

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Having a baby is a big deal. Just ask any woman who has endured hours of labor! Yes, the expectation of a new human being joining the world’s population is exciting for just about every society and culture on the planet. People love traditions and often keep them alive for centuries, so perhaps we should expect that there would be numerous traditions associated with pregnancy. Although pregnancy is pretty much the same for all humans, the way we react to it can differ a great deal. Some of these traditions may strike you as downright bizarre, but perhaps we should not forget that people from other cultures may think the same of ours.

1. Fire Walking

In China there is a tradition that involves husbands carrying their pregnant wives while walking across a bed of hot coals. Walking on hot coals is certainly not unheard of, although doing so while carrying your pregnant wife is definitely a new twist for most of us. The belief is that the woman will give birth with no complications if the husband carries her over hot coals.

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