10 Weird Things That Have Been Insured

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While most of us are quite familiar with the idea of insurance policies for our automobile, home, or life, that’s just scratching the surface when considering the various things that insurance companies are willing to write policies for. Protecting valuable assets is important for many people, and insurance is a great way to do it. What constitutes a valuable asset can vary quite a bit from person to person, but that certainly does not mean that some of them are less important than others. As we will see, insurance can be tailored to meet the needs of a great many circumstances, and some of them are far from ordinary.

1. Alien Abduction


This unusual policy is not intended to protect an investment and is probably a bit closer to a life insurance policy. Yes, people have actually purchased insurance intended to protect them from alien abduction, although it’s obvious that the policy itself is not going to stop aliens from whisking you away to a far-away galaxy. If aliens actually exist that is.

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