12 Weirdest Guinness World Records

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People do a lot of things for fame. Now we admit that we don’t know how much fame is bestowed upon someone after they set a Guinness-worthy world record, but for many it seems that just appearing in the pages of the world famous record book is enough. Surely, there are those who are able to capitalize on their Guinness-enabled fame and turn it into a lucrative career of some sort. Others obviously don’t expect any real benefit other than being noted for having done something that has never been done before. The following definitely fall under that category, since it’s extraordinarily difficult to imagine making a career out of these zany accomplishments.

1. Largest Human Christmas Tree

We would not have expected a record like this to come out of a place like Bangkok, but as we all know, the world is a strange place. At a shopping mall in the Thai capital, 852 students assembled at a shopping mall and arranged themselves to look somewhat like a Christmas tree. Are the Guinness people that desperate for material these days? Apparently so.

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