9 Weird Auto Insurance Claims

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When most of us think about auto insurance, we probably consider it a very boring subject. In many areas, auto insurance is mandatory if you want to operate your vehicle on the public roadways, so a lot of people have experience with buying auto insurance. The lucky ones don’t actually have to use their auto insurance since that usually happens only when there is an accident. The very unlucky ones end up using their auto insurance because they get into an accident or other situation that is so bizarre, it’s actually newsworthy. Here are some of those cases.

1. Mattress Madness


It’s not terribly unusual to see someone driving down the road with a mattress strapped to the roof of their vehicle. Delivery charges often exceed $50, so it’s easy to see why people want to save money by transporting their own. One couple near Seattle, Washington had purchased a new mattress and had it not-so-securely tied to the roof of their SUV. On their way home the mattress fell off on the highway, resulting in an accident. The people who lost the mattress pulled over, as did a few other people who wanted to see if the people involved in the accident were OK. The woman driving the SUV that lost the mattress soon decided it was not a good idea to stick around, so she left the scene. One of the people who pulled over to offer assistance to any accident victims also left the scene but didn’t get too far before she realized that she had an unwanted passenger in her car. When the woman driving the SUV left the scene, she left her male passenger behind. He then jumped into someone else’s car and hid in the backseat to make his escape from the scene of the accident. The woman stopped the car to try to evict her unwanted passenger, who then jumped in the driver’s seat and tried to take off in her car! After a brief struggle, a number of passers-by stopped to help the woman restrain the would-be carjacker until the police showed up.

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